Swansea University – MSc Civil Engineering
2021 – CPD Module EG-M38 Temporary Works Design & Analysis – student support


Hi Duncan, 

I hope you are well and Happy New Year. We just received feedback from Prof. Chenfeng for our EG-M38 report and got 100% on it. Which is amazing news. Just wanted to let you know and again thank you for all your input and putting aside your time each week for us, it is greatly appreciated. 

Keep in touch.
Harry and team 



Dear Duncan,

Thank you for participating into and supporting the TW module at Swansea!

Your mentoring support for the MSc team you worked with was very highly appreciated by every student in the team! I do not know the details of your discussions with the team during the project, but the result is inspiring! And as a lecturer, it’s so nice to see the future engineers look up to senior professionals and admire the industry.

The TW module will restart in this Oct, and I can confirm it will continue to open to external professional learners.

Indeed, I’ve discussed with David to set up a permanent webpage at Swansea University, and share a link at the TWf site. The web page is easy, but I wanted to do something to streamline the application process for professional students. Applying via email was inconvenient  last year and caused delays in quite a few cases. I’ll share a link here once these are settled.

Best regards,


Chenfeng Li, Professor, Swansea University, Wales